Saturday, March 10, 2007

What to Wear, What to Eat

Today I am raising the white flag. My body has officially decided to cry uncle and tell me that it's time to ease up on the sweets and fatty foods.

My "fat pants" are now too tight.

Those of you who are familiar with the term know exactly what I mean. I know of more women who do this than men, but if you're a guy and you own fat pants please do not feel excluded here. Like many women, I own clothes in more than one size; they're kind of like my added security for times like post-Christmas, when I'm feeling a bit more more than usual. Also, when I'm dealing with things like PMS--it's comforting to feel like you can breathe in your clothes and can avoid the dreaded "muffin top."

Now let me go on record and say that my fat pants comment is in no way meant as an attack on people of size. In fact, by definition, my not-so-fat pants are still larger than that of any hot babe you would ever see on tv. Believe me, Eva Longoria I am not. And truthfully, I don't want to be. I do, however, recognize the fact that the better I get at managing my weight and health the better chances I have at living a longer, healthier life with Flamenco Dad and the kids.

I post many recipes for sweets on this site, primarily because it's those things which present some of the biggest challenges for people who eat gfcf. Many people miss their favorite treats, like cupcakes or homemade waffles. But I'm going to make an effort to post more recipes for items that are gfcf, tasty, and healthy too. Fear not, there will still be a place for desserts and other treats on this site. My kids would stage a full-on mutiny if I didn't bake sweets for them every now and then.


Lynn Barry said...

Good for you FM. I can so relate. The neverending struggle of the battle of the bulge for some of us. You can do it! I will try to do the same. I will never be thin and like you I don't want to be, but for health reasons...we will try. GO US! HUGS

Flamenco Mom said...

Thanks Lynn. It really is a struggle sometimes to resist food that's bad for you--I mean, why do they have to make it taste good? One of the great things about blogging on here is that I've made friends like you, who I might not have met otherwise,who can be supportive of one another regardless of where we all live. We can do it! HUGS