Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Put Down the Teasing Comb

I know my blog is supposed to be about gfcf food, my life, etcetera. Well, you know what the tagline to this blog's right up there at the top of the screen. But my friend Lynn wrote about something today that has frankly been plaguing me since last night. So I'm going to stray from my blog's theme for a moment and ask the burning question:

Sanjaya, dude, what the @#*& is up with that hair???

I tried to explain to my husband what it looked like, and I came off sounding like Simon Cowell. It went a little something like this: Honey, if I'm being honest, he looked like a deranged cockatoo. After my husband stopped laughing at me, I rewound the show back to Sanjaya's performance (again thank God for DVRs) and there he was in all his glory. I was so perplexed by the whole thing that I had dreams about Sanjaya and his crazy hair. Crap, no wonder why I had such a horrible night's sleep. All I saw was this kid with cockatoo hair singing "Bathwater" way off key.


Annie said...

We had similar conversations in this house lol!! He just seemed to play with his hair making it wobble all over the place. Although, I did think towards the end of the song - his actual singing was better than it had been before. And the dreams? mm scary!! I did have dreams more than once about Taylor Hicks last year - but I was pregnant and that's a pretty good defense don't you think? ;)

Lynn Barry said...

I am so behind on checking did I miss this. NIGHTMARES of HAIR!!! This is marketing at its finest. YOU remember him, even if it is in a scary way...genius marketing. He can sing on a bird food commercial..hehehehehe HUGS