Friday, March 09, 2007

Because Anytime is a Great Time for Pie

Mmmm...tasty. Many thanks to the folks at Wild Oats; I found a recipe for a delicious, flaky crust on their website. They have an entire collection of recipes devoted to gluten free cooking. Not all the recipes are casein free, but I have found many that are that I'll be adding to my repertoire here in the kitchen. Check them out at


Lynn Barry said...

thanks for this link...I printed out the GF pie crust and with a little substituting (corn starch and egg) I am going to try this. THANKS Again...HUGS

Flamenco Mom said...

It's very yummy, nice and flaky. It reminds me of shortbread cookies, which I loved and ate much of as a kid. Hope you like it too.