Saturday, November 25, 2006

Turkey Withdrawals

Thanksgiving at my sister-in-law's was lots of fun! The kids had a great time, the weather was nice (so we actually got to use the patio), and the food was delicious! It was a nice, relaxing day--especially since I had done all my food prep the day before (including all the gfcf goodies). I was very mindful not to overdo it at the dinner, so I didn't do the eat till I feel bloated thing. I was very proud of my show of restraint.

But there is one problem--I have no turkey leftovers. I love Thanksgiving, partly because I get to get my turkey on this one day of the year. Since I did not make my own turkey I am missing my leftover turkey for sandwiches, soups, and the like. My husband does not share my enthusiam (or zeal) for turkey, so when I told him that I planned on buying a small turkey to roast here, he just rolled his eyes and said, "whatever."

So today I'm off to the supermarket for a Thanksgiving redo. I figure I can get a small turkey, make a small batch of gfcf stuffing, some type of green veggie, and a nice dessert. Then after my family eats their second turkey dinner of the year, I can go to bed with visions of turkey pot pie dancing in my head; gfcf pie, of course.

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Jeanie said...

I share in your enthusiasm for turkey! It is one of the few things I eat "leftovers" of! You simply cannot have a proper Thanksgiving WITHOUT leftover turkey! You go girl!

Oh, and thank you for sharing your gfcf story with me. I think your daughter is very lucky to have such a wonderful mother! It's nice to see that mother's are still making sacrifices for their children....I think too many parents today put themselves and their "wants" first. So, again...You go girl!