Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy Birthday My ***

Well, I promised myself that nothing would get in my way of posting every day during the month of November. That was, at least, until yesterday--when I was struck down by a stomach illness so severe, I likened the pain to the middle stages of active labor. Oh yeah, that's right--I said it. It was that bad. My mind remembered my Lamaze breathing, and it helped me yesterday. But only so much.

My dear hubby prepared for me what we not-so-lovingly refer to around here as a "dirt shake". It's a drink prepared using a powdered herb and husk mixture that we buy from an herb company that sells supplements from the Amazon. This shake is nasty; I'll spare you the details of how gross it is. The good news is that it helped settle my stomach long enough that I was actually able to get some sleep.

I still don't know where this virus came from---everyone else here seems healthy. It's possible that one of our party guests was ill and left me one heck of a party gift. It could just be that after all the hard work over the last week, my body finally cried, "Uncle!" I'm just hoping the worst is over.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to read about your virus. That sucks...hope the dirt shake does the trick and you are back on your feet and dancing and cooking and baking. Good thoughts are sent your way.

Flamenco Mom said...

Thanks, Lynn. I'm starting to feel better already--so I guess the yucky dirt shake was effective.