Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fun With Animals

We visited my mom and her hubby this weekend. As if there aren't enough animals on mom's property (horses, goats, sheep, and a recently rescued labrador), we decided to take the kids on a field trip to the local zoo. The kids had a blast!

Anyway, I got a little camera crazy at the park, so let's get on with the photos, shall we?

Watch as Zoe gets into a staring contest with an ostrich with an attitude:

The bunnies were oh so friendly! Also, it helped that my kids were feeding them banana chips:

This toucan was sooo ready for his closeup! After I took this shot, he proceeded to get in the way of the other toucan in the cage, to the point that I never got a clear shot of his roommate. Talk about a camera hog:

Never in my life have a seen an iguana as big as this. He also decided to ham it up for the camera. I wonder if the William Morris Agency is representing these guys:

I kept waiting for the iguana to bust out a bottle of Lubriderm lotion, but it never happened. Maybe next time.
P.S.--do any of you internets know why my text is looking all smooshed together? I can't figure it out. I know, that's not surprising given my lack of techie skills. I've given up trying to fix it today, so please forgive me if the text looks a bit wonky.


Attila The Mom said...

Fabulous pics!

When my text gets squooshed together, I have to go into the html edit section and get rid of a bunch of extra code that gets put in there after adding a lot of pictures.

Look between the paragraphs, and you'll see a bunch of code phrases repeated. Just delete them. It takes awhile to figure it out, but by trial and error, you can do it!

Flamenco Mom said...

Thanks Attila! I'll give it a try. First attempt didn't quite go as planned, but I'm no good until I have at least a cup or two of coffee. Once I'm thoroughly caffeinated I'll take another crack at it.

Lynn Barry said...

Lubriderm...you make me laugh...thanks for that! HUGS