Thursday, May 24, 2007

School's Out for Summer

This morning when I woke Zoe up, her first words were the following: "Summer 2007--The wait is over!!" Gee, think she's excited about school being out or what?

I decided that the best way to get through summer vacation was to develop a plan to keep the kids active, so I picked up a book called The Family Manager's Guide to Summer Survival. It was written by Kathy Peel, and it's full of great ideas to keep the wee ones from being bored, as well as help for setting goals for the summer.

What I find great about the book is that it helped me to look at the different ways I can help my children grow over the summer. Yes, we need to work on helping Zoe develop her writing and math skills; and we want to help Ayden with school readiness. But we want to also promote developing better social skills, get the kids more physically active, and get them to be more responsible around the house. And we want fun!

Tomorrow we're kicking off the summer with breakfast together as a family. I'm making gfcf waffles! (Zoe gets a kick out of that statement--she tries to say it like Donkey in Shrek). Then it's off to the library, and maybe the park. The kids want to have a guitar lesson with their dad in the afternoon--sounds like a full day already! Did I mention my kids still wake up at 6 a.m. even in the summertime?

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