Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Flamenco, Fire, and Smoke

We had a great show on Sunday. Lots of people showed up to the fundraiser, which hopefully means lots of money raised. I got to try out my new flamenco skirt, which my mother-in-law helped me sew. Actually, she did most of the sewing. Until we started the skirt project I hadn't even sewn a button or a hem, let alone a full skirt with three rows of ruffles. Three! This was not a beginner's project, I don't care what it said on the pattern. Whatever; the skirt turned out great, and I love the color. It's a really pretty turquiose, which looks very vibrant on stage. I'm going to have Flamenco Dad snap a few photos of me in it, which I will post as soon as they become available.

The show went very well. My husband was kind enough to volunteer his services, so he played a few flamenco pieces for the audience. He accompanied me for a dance, and I did two dances with my classmates. The ladies I dance with are twin sisters, and they did a dance called a tanguillo which was very well received. The audience was wonderful! They really enjoyed the show. In fact, a few people inquired about having us perform for other events. My husband made a few business contacts as well.

I live in what many people would say is their dream location. People LOVE Florida. However, right now we are dealing with some nasty air quality conditions. There are wildfires burning in northern parts of the state and southern Georgia, with winds sending smoke directly at us. Schools are cancelling outdoor activities with kids because of the smoke(that means no P.E. outside today). Our local news outlets are warning those with heart or lung problems, the elderly, and children to stay indoors. That means that yours truly is stuck inside, at least until tomorrow--unless it rains before then. So, I'm cooking tonight--there has been quite a lack of cooking going on here lately, hasn't there? Hopefully I'll be breathing freely and taking lovely food photos tomorrow.


Té la mà Maria said...

irreverent, iconoclastic, liberty



Annie said...

I haven't been outside in 2 days! Both kids have a cold - but we drove up from South Florida on Sunday and saw loads of thick black smoke that was coming from fires east of Lake Wales - it's horrible.

Glad the flamenco went so well - can't wait to see pictures!

Lynn Barry said...

Hope the smoke clears soon...be safe...What a very cool family you have. HUGS and LOVE Star had her baby...YEAH!