Thursday, April 26, 2007

Planning My Getaway

Eunice, my college roommate, paid me a visit in January. And during that time we talked about going on a girls' weekend with one of our other girlfriends from school. Planning a trip for three women with very different jobs and responsibilities proved to be a challenge--but was so worth it. Well, after several e-mails to each other, and talks with our respective spouses, jobs, and the like--the trip is on! I'll be sans husband and children as I venture into the mountains of North Carolina come June 7.

I'm beyond excited about this trip (although I've never been away from the Man and the kiddies for that long). One of Liana's colleagues was nice enough to let us use his cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains for our stay. I saw a few pictures of the place, and it is gorgeous. I've gotta say, as a Brooklyn girl, the word cabin conjures up images of a small, rustic building with four walls and raccoons hankering to get into the place so they can eat you. Not very realistic of me, I know. Good news: Liana is a doctor--so I've got medical care available in the event that a killer raccoon attacks me.

This cabin that we're going to? If the pictures are any indication, it's bigger than the house I live in now. And guess what? It's got a hot tub, fireplace, picturesque mountain views, the whole nine yards. The girls and I will spend four days in the mountains, hiking and communing with nature; heck, I may even pick an apple or two. Of course, my husband's idea of girls' weekend was a days-long slumber party with pillow fights, sappy movies, and marshmallows. Well, there may be marshmallows. But beyond that, it's going to be a non-stop gabfest for three friends that haven't been all together--just the girls--in YEARS.


Lynn Barry said...

What a wonderful wonderful way to celebrate your friends and y-o-u!
Please do not watch the movie THE DESCENT (or maybe you already have)...yikes, these gals go away and hike down in some caves...creepy safe cabin girl, although your cabin sounds fabulous. Hot tub? Awesome!
I am happy for you. HUGS

Annie said...

You're going to have a FABULOUS time! And I can tell you, cabin? fireplace? I'm jealous! lol!

You will be so refreshed when you get back - enjoy :)

Attila The Mom said...

Oh, I am soooo jealous! That is such a gorgeous part of the country!

Be sure and take lots of pics. So the rest of us can live vicariously, of course! ;-)