Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dusting Off My Dancing Shoes

Since I was sick the end of last year and the beginning of '07, I had to take a hiatus from Flamenco class. Well, I had to take a break from Flamenco dancing in general. I had some major respiratory issues going on, which left me out of breath even after some relatively mild exercise. Now that I'm better, I've been exercising more--which means the dancing shoes are coming back on baby!

I've been invited to perform with some of my classmates at a fundraiser for a local theater company. The event is two weeks away, which leaves me precious little time to get a few of my dances--and me--in fighting shape.The good news is that I still fit into my costumes. The bad news is that I'm hard pressed to find rehearsal time. Flamenco Dad is wrapping up his semester, which means finals, juries, and a rather lengthy research paper he needs to turn in. I'm practicing my routines wherever I can. Ayden has been getting a kick out of watching his mommy fold laundry, dust, and cook while doing the sevillanas, tangos, and rumbas. I'm rehearsing with my classmates this weekend, so I hope to be ready by then.


Annie said...

Have fun! I'll be nice to do something good for yourself, mentally and physically :)

Lynn Barry said...

You are simply COOL! You can do it! I believe. HUGS

Zata said...

Dear Flamenco Mom: Your blog is delivered to my virtual doorstep since I'm subscribed to Google News Alert with the word "flamenco". Since I'm also a foodie, I enjoy reading your adventures in the kitchen.

Just please tell your dance teacher that sevillanas is an Andalusian folk dance unrelated to flamenco. The fact that it's a couple dance is a dead giveaway; flamenco is unipersonal.

Keep up the great writing,

Zata, Editor

Flamenco Mom said...

Thanks for all the encouragement. I've been working hard over the last several days to get this performance ready, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Zata, thank you for visiting and for the info about sevillanas being a folk dance. I remember reading that it was a folk dance, but could not remember where it was from. I look forward to visiting your site.