Sunday, January 14, 2007

Presenting a Different Point of View

I stumbled upon an interesting essay while surfing for sites about autism. It was written by a man named Frank Klein; he is a high-functioning autistic man in his mid-30s. Klein's argument is that finding a cure for autism would eliminate what makes him him. Klein says that he is on board with finding cures for the painful aspects of autism; but that since being autistic is so closely tied into a person's identity, that curing the disorder is equal to destroying the person. Certainly a different perspective on curing the disorder. Anyway, I found it fascinating; I read some of his other essays and found them all to be interesting reads. Here is the link:


mcewen said...

Thanks for the link. I've not come across your site before and couldn't find a email address for you. I was wondering [not that it's any of my business to ask] why you are so interested in autism?
Best wishes, I'm off to the link now

Flamenco Mom said...

Thanks so much for visiting the site. My interest in autism stems from the fact that my daughter (age 9) was diagnosed with autism back in 2002. Since then, my husband and I have done some research on ways we can help her and others. She has been gluten and casein free since 2002, which we find has helped her with things like stimming and obsessive/compulsive behavios. Yesterday I did a Google search on autism, which is how I found Frank's site. I still haven't read all the essays he's written, but I've enjoyed reading the ones I have read thusfar. I thought it would be a nice idea to share his link, since I figured others might be interested in reading what Frank has to say. Thanks again for visiting, I'm off to check your site as well. Best wishes.

Lynn Barry said...

My nephew says he is glad he has JRA because even though he was limited as a kid he found some activities he loves and thinks he found them because he has JRA.
This is what I thought of when I read your posting. Interesting.
A Dr two years ago wanted to put me on a 4 pill a day routine because he thought I lacked an enzyme that breaks down proteins but I saw the humongous list of side effects and said, "no thanks" and went on to discover all my food intolerances so maybe we ARE just as much a part of our weaknesses as our strengths. Good thought provoking posting. Thanks.