Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Holiday Recap, Part Two: Home on the Range

A few days after Christmas, Flamenco Dad and I loaded up the kids and gear and took the L-O-O-N-G trip to see my family. My kids love visiting the family. Since they're the only grandchildren on my side of the family, that means they get spoiled. Alot. And since my family doesn't get to see the kids all that often, they get to ooh and aah over how big they've gotten while the hubby and I get a chance to sit around and breathe for a bit.

One of the fun things we got to do while visiting was to take the kids to see the horses my mom and stepfather just bought. They bought three horses, two males and one female, back in October. The horses are in the process of being broken (gosh I hate that term), so the kiddies can't ride them yet. But they did get to pet them, watch them get their exercise and get their baths, and roam around the farm and stables. The photo is of Zoe and Pretty, the female horse. Zoe got to spend a great deal of time with Pretty; and even though it looks like a sad photo, Zoe was really happy to be in the company of the horse. It seemed like she stared into Pretty's eyes for hours.

While the trip to visit my mother seems long, the good news is that it's about to get shorter. She's building a house about 120 miles closer to me, which shortens our drive to see her, her hubby, and my grandma. Hooray! It's nearly done; she and her husband are closing at the end of the month. My brother, who lives about five minutes from my mom's current home, will still be further away; but we can meet up at mom's, which is not a bad thing. We took a picture of Ayden in front of the new house. He was more interested in playing in the dirt than checking out the house. Hey, the kid's got his priorities, you know!

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Lynn Barry said...

What great photos. It must be exciting for you all to be getting closer to your loved ones. My son and family just moved south and I am trying to not miss them all the time. Oh well. At least it will be a nice place to visit. Again, I love the pics.