Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Holiday Recap: Part One

My holiday recap is quite late in getting here. And there is much to tell; so much so that I'll have to give it in installments. The photo above is on Christmas morning. Zoe is pointing to the plate of gfcf cookies and chocolate soy milk that we left for Santa. Apparently, he liked what we had to offer, because he ate it all except for one tiny part of a cookie. Santa was very generous this year--the kids had a blast this Christmas!

After the gift opening concluded, we got to work on our gfcf Christmas meal. It was truly delicious! I made turkey (I admit to being a turkey junkie), gfcf stuffing, sweet potato bake, sauteed spinach and veggies, and a gfcf pineapple upside down cake. We had some relatives over, and they didn't miss the gluten or dairy at all! In fact, when we told them (and after they noticed that Zoe ate absolutely everything on the table) they were quite surprised. My husband even commented this weekend about the fact that he likes some of the gfcf alternatives over their traditional counterparts. Yippee!

Anyway, more to follow. Tomorrow I'll share part II of the holiday recap: the visit to my family, and the kids' first trip to the horse farm.


Lynn Barry said...

Glad to see you back, I missed your blogs. How exciting to make GFCF stuff and everyone is happy.
It is amazing to me that I never seem to get a headache or cold or any kind of respiratory ailment (hope I didn't jinx it) and I believe it is because I don't do gluten and casein anymore. Call me "Crazy" ... or right on the money. HEHE

Flamenco Mom said...

I agree with you; my family and I get sick less often because we eat this way. I also changed the way I clean my home (I make my own cleaners and by eco-friendly cleaners), and I have found that it makes a difference.