Monday, February 11, 2008

A Visit With Annie

I haven't been blogging much lately, but with good reason. School is totally sucking the free time out of me. I managed to carve out a few hours this week to spend with the family and take care of my mountain of laundry, but that's been pretty much it. I had a project to do and I've got a major exam later this week. On Valentine's Day, no less! Flamenco Dad and I have to postpone our Valentine's Day date, but it will happen...just not this week; especially since all the hot restaurants are booked through the weekend.

In other news, I met a fellow and in person! On Friday I met up with the lovely Annie of Blooming Marvelous fame. She and I first "met" online two years ago through a discussion board for stay-at-home moms. Turns out that we live less than 30 miles from each other. In fact, Annie lives in the city where my husband works. So, last Friday I rode with my hubby to work and left him at the college while Annie and I went for a leisurely walk along the lake next to hubby's job. Zoe had the day off from school so she, Ayden, Annie, Baby J (Annie's son) and I had a great time chatting, walking, feeding the ducks, and getting chased by some hungry--and rather fluffy--geese. Miss E (Annie's daughter) was at school and unfortunately missed the fun; but I'm looking forward to meeting her sometime soon.


Annie said...

We'll definitely have to do it again soon. I daren't tell Miss E what she missed, or I'd never hear the end of how 'I never get to go for a walk' ;)

Lynn Barry said... goosebumps reading about your meet up with Annie.
I have met several people over the that I first knew only in cyberspace and hubby used to say, "They aren't really your friends if you only know them through the computer."
I always disagreed with that. But then again it is nice to actually meet face to face too.