Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why Is This News?

Back about six months ago, when my husband and I actually had time to sit and watch t.v. together, we'd sit and watch the news and wonder about some of the oddball stories that made the headlines. Our local news had such a story last night; what confounds us is that the story still has legs, and is now in its second day. What's the story, you ask?

"Kanga-Rumor Pursued"

Seems the local sheriff's office got a call about a kangaroo that was seen hopping around in traffic. So far, no one has been able to track it down, nor has anyone been able to confirm if there actually was a kangaroo in the area. There is speculation that the marsupial is someone's pet, though I'm not sure that our local Petco or Pet Supermarket is in the business of selling kangaroo chow. What do you feed a kangaroo, anyway?

Before I go any further, I should explain that I do not live in Australia, though there are two locations in the "larger" city nearest to me that may (or may not) have kangaroos. The nearest zoo is about 25 miles from where the caller claims the kangaroo was seen. Also Busch Gardens is at least 20 miles from where the kangaroo was allegedly spotted. Some folks who read the news headlines on the internet have been joking that the kangaroo escaped from the local Outback Steakhouse. I suppose that's possible. Gosh, I hope the legal people from Outback don't send me a nasty-gram for that comment. Oh well, I don't like their restaurant anyway.

Now our little town is blaming all the random events that have occurred in the last few days on the mysterious kangaroo. There was a bank robbery today? Blame it on the kangaroo. Traffic tie-up on the interstate? Must have been that darn kangaroo. The illusive marsupial has now achieved "celebrity" status here, joining the ranks of the Chupacabra and Sasquatch. All I know is if he's the one who knocked over my trash cans the other night, he's in a heap of trouble.

My husband has just informed me that the animal in question may have in fact been a wallaby. The plot thickens.


Lynn Barry said...

Will this ongoing news story have a hoppy ending??? I couldn't resist. I love this amusing. You write well, my dear. HUGS
PS My entry today made me think of you and I passed on to this mother of a child with a possible health concern that might be helped by going gf that you have a blog and she would benefit from checking it out. HUGS again.

Mara said...

Super scary article, Mel....

Sheri said...

Thanks for the snort!