Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or Treat

I took this photo as Supergirl and Thomas the Tank Engine hit the first house on their trick-or-treat route. Check out the look on my son's face--he knew he was about to score some candy, and was over the moon about it. The kids had a fantastic time, and are presently passed out after crashing hard from the candy buzz.

Yesterday was a great distraction from my research paper; I'm glad I decided to go along with Flamenco Dad and take the kids out to trick-or-treat. Oh yeah, and I am so totally DONE with my paper! Sweet Jebus, I put that baby to bed and turned it in to my professor this evening. I am so relieved. I've only got a few more tests, then finals, and the semester will be over. Hallelujah!

Nablopomo started today. I'm going to be a good girl and stick to my promise of thirty posts in thirty days. I've got some recipes I'm going to try out and post here during the month (now that I actually have time to cook). Lynn made some egg rolls on her blog the other day, and that inspired me to make some summer rolls. Fortunately I have rice flour wrappers on hand here, so I may get cracking on those this weekend. Oh, and the birthdays begin this weekend, so there will be much birthday merriment here at Casa de Flamenco. Stay tuned.


Jeanie said...

Awww great pic! Too cute!

Lynn Barry said...

You are a sweetie. Good luck with your school work. I love the trick or treaters...only had six at my door. Oh well. I bought Snicker mini bars and hubby and Brad are enjoying them. I can't believe I can leave them alone. Glad I can. BIG accomplishment for me. HUGS