Saturday, December 09, 2006

Rocket Man

We just got back from watching one of the coolest things I have ever seen: the space shuttle launch. We drove our SUV to an overpass on I-4 and rolled down the windows, and watched the eastern sky turn a vibrant shade of tangerine. We saw a bright orange ball ascend at breakneck speed, gradually turning into a streak of orange light. After travelling a few more seconds, the light turned blue, then white, as the shuttle joined the billions of twinkling lights in the sky.

To say that we were excited about what we saw would be the understatement of all time. My kids were cheering and just absolutely giddy with enthusiasm. My husband had seen a launch before, but for the kids and me, it was the first time. I've still got a huge perma-grin on my face; my kids are beyond thrilled. Zoe is on the other computer as I write this, looking at the NASA site, learning about the astronauts and the mission. Ayden wants his own rocket ship. I wonder if they sell one at Target?

*The photo above comes from the NASA website. Believe me, I'm not that good a photographer.


Anonymous said... exciting for you all.

Lynn Barry said...

Don't know what I did or didn't do but anonymous was posted by ME...have a super Sunday!