Friday, December 15, 2006

Joy to the World

According to the start bar on my computer, today is December 15th. My tree already appears to be dying. Yes, I've been watering it daily. No, I don't have it near a heater. WTF?? I'm probably overreacting (I'm been known to do that; shocking, I know), but I actually have reservations about turning on the lights for fear we're going to have a fire without a fireplace.

I'm having visions of us with a tree reminiscent of the one in "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Anybody have tips for trying to keep my tree alive until the 25th?

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Lynn Barry said...

Oh you poor thing. We went artificial years ago because I would suffer so with the real thing...itchy runny eyes. Humidifier? Sugar in the tree holder? Good luck, my friend.