Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I was tagged by Lynn to come up with a list of six words to describe me. This was not an easy task; my over-analyzing nearly got the best of me on this one. Here goes:

1. loving
2. friendly
3. imaginative
4. silly
5. sensitive
6. loyal

I don't know who tag for this one, so I invite everyone and anyone to take the challenge. Go for it!


NancyJoy said...

I read your article on the Digestive Health SmartBrief. You mentioned that Publix has a gluten free list on their website. I have never found anything other than general GF do's and don'ts. Do they publish a list of the products in their stores that are GF? I'm also originally from Brooklyn and am living in NW FL. We will be getting our 1st Publix this spring!
Thanks, NancyJoy

Flamenco Mom said...

Hi NancyJoy! Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I recall seeing several articles in Publix's Greenwise magazine about going gluten free. One article in particular lists some of Publix's gluten-free products. Here's the link: https://www.publix.com/wellness/greenwise/feature/Article.do?id=1912&childId=2174. In case the link doesn't work, the article appears in the August 07 issue of the magazine.

Also Publix offers a full listing of their gluten-free products. Contact customer service at 800-242-1227. I hope that helps. BTW, thanks for telling me about the Digestive Health SmartBrief. I'll be sure to look at it.

the veggie paparazzo said...

Good descriptors! You sound a lot like me. :)

Lynn Barry said...

Great list...no wonder I like you, you are awesome! HUGS