Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How I Spent My Friday

So after a REALLY long week of paper writing, exam taking, and tons of busy work I had the pleasure of performing at a show with Flamenco Dad and two of my classmates from flamenco class. The performance was for a group of (primarily retired) music teachers and musicians. The director of our local chamber orchestra was there, as well as a few other people who support our local art scene.

Bobbie and Barbara--my classmates--and I performed a few routines together; I had one solo number; FD and I did one number together, then Dad played several solos. The audience was wonderful! They were very supportive and really enthusiastic. After the peformance, many of the audience members told us how happy they were to have us there. It was great fun, and it felt wonderful to hear that we gave them a good show.

We recorded the performance, and I will upload a clip of Flamenco Dad and me doing our routine. That is, if I can get it to work. Otherwise, I'll just place the YouTube link for it here. I may have to wait for FD to get home to do it, as I'm somewhat behind the curve on uploading videos.


Lynn Barry said...

You just kind of do it all...amazing! Probably just the thing to relieve the pressures of school...good for you! HUGS

Lynn Barry said...

And another thing...I LOVED SEEING YOU GUYS on stage...you are AMAZING!