Monday, June 25, 2007

Cooking? What's That?

There has been little home cooking going on here at Casa de Flamenco over the past few days. It's been sooo hot and humid, the last place I want to be is laboring in my kitchen. Last week I made some gfcf bread for Zoe (courtesy of one Gluten-Free Pantry French Bread and Pizza Mix) and some waffles, but other than that it's been leftover stuff from my freezer, fresh fruits and veggies, salads, and takeout dinner from some our local restaurants. Of course the good news is that the kids and I have been loading up on lots of fruits and veggies (always a plus), but I know my babies are missing the aroma of dinner cooking on the stove. Frankly, the thought of eating from a restaurant again tomorrow is not appealing to me at all. Even if it is from the yummy Indian restaurant near the beach.

I feel guilty.

Zoe asked me when I was going to make her some more gfcf treats--she's jonesin' for something, ANYTHING, baked from scratched with her mama's loving hands. I picked up some cookies, Pamela's Chocolate Chunk to be exact, but that did nothing for Miss Z. I'm thinking if it's not ridiculously warm this evening that maybe I'll make some peanut butter cookies for her and Ayden to enjoy. We're going on a field trip tomorrow to the children's museum, so we can take some cookies for the road.

Update: I have made the peanut butter cookies. And there was much rejoicing at Casa de Flamenco.


Annie said...

You are a good mom :)

I opened the front door at 8:45 and had that heat and humidity literally smack me in the face - hellooooo summer!

Attila The Mom said...

I'm coming over. I need a cookie! LOL

One thing I truly love about summertime is all the varieties of fruit and veggies. I feel so starved for something fresh during the winter!

Lea Ray said...

Don't feel bad I have not done much cooking in my house either. It has been way too hot. I feel guilty that my husband has had to live on hot dogs lately, because they are fast too cook. Maybe he should learn how to cook.