Friday, September 05, 2008

Laptop Leftovers

Remember this post I wrote a while back about the Zoe's lunchbox? Well, I love the darn thing so much I bought one for Ayden and one for myself. Of course we each have a different color (to prevent the inevitable fights over which lunchbox belongs to which person); and since red is my favorite color, I purchased this lovely lunchbox in black with red inserts. Oh, and the carrying case? Red and black...too cute!

I'm trying to adhere to gluten and casein free as much as possible. It's not too difficult, since I already prepare all Zoe's food; the only time I find myself in a pinch is when I don't plan ahead. So I'm now being more diligent about doing just that.

Today I had some leftover Pineapple Fried Rice (I went out for Thai food after class last night), salad greens with dressing, some spicy peanuts, and some fresh blueberries. It was delicious, satisfying, and since everything was in moderate portions I felt like I was doing my body good. I'm planning to use this more often; especially on days when I'll be in class till late in the evening. Getting my learnin' on makes me hungry; and after sitting in class for six hours I'm usually ready to chew on my textbooks. That could get expensive.


Maddy said...

That looks very attractive indeed. We have leftovers on a Friday night or Sunday night, but it doesn't look anything like as delightful as that.

Full marks for presentation too.
[perhaps that's where I'm going wrong]

Tamara said...

Love the red/black LLB! That must be a new color, b/c we have every other one. Aren't they just the best things ever? Everyone at work calls my lunches "gourmet"...but really, they are just leftovers that happen to look much more appetizing in my brightly colored lunchbox, lol.

Lynn Barry said...

This looks yummy! Good for you! HUGS

Pamela said...

GFCF Mama,
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Have a great day!