Wednesday, August 13, 2008

See You In September--I Mean, August

Hello, Internets! I have returned from my self-imposed exile, and I've got lots to share. Man, the summer just flew by here at Casa de Flamenco. I wrapped up summer school at the end of last week, and Ayden finished the week before that. My little guy absolutely LOVED pre-K, and is looking forward to starting kindergarten on Monday, and...

And I cannot believe I just typed that. It seems like I just gave birth to the little bugger last week, and now I'm getting ready to send him off to school. I think I'm gonna need a martini.

This summer was particularly challenging for me because I am now a full-time college girl. It was no easy feat, but I made it through the semester with my sanity (relatively) intact. The best part of all is that I kicked hairy a** this semester, with 2 A's and 1 A+. Can I get a "hell yeah"? I've signed up for 4 classes this fall. Wish me luck.

Miss Zoe is starting 5th grade next week, in a mainstream classroom. We're so proud of her--and we're on the edge of our seats wondering how she'll do in her new classroom setting. Tomorrow we're going to meet her new teacher and give Zoe a tour of the new to get the lay of the land before Monday. And in other (read: embarrassing for my daughter) news, I had to take Zoe--gulp--bra shopping recently. I haven't recovered from that one yet. Could someone please explain to me why it's so hard to find a non-trampy-looking bra for my pre-teen daughter? I mean, it's not like we were shopping at Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood. Since when does a child need a push-up bra? Hello?

Oh, and you know I couldn't leave out Flamenco Dad. In addition to busting his butt all summer teaching and playing weddings, he was asked to be a part of a book about guitar technique. FD was given the task of demonstrating some chords in photos to appear in the book. So he got to be a model for a day! The picture above is not going to be in the book, but it's an awfully cute picture, so I thought I'd share it. There's more to cover, but I'm exhausted. I'll save the rest for another day.


Annie said...

YAY! On all counts!

You are doing fantastic with the studying - seriously you're my hero - my inspiration that I can do this someday (just not now, k? lol!)

I imagine your heart will hurt just a little bit sending your baby off to school.

The Bra shopping? Doesn't surprise me judging by the mass of hoochie style clothing for girls - even those as young as Miss E! It's very sad :(

Lynn Barry said...

You all are amazing...truly amazing! Thanks for the wonderful update! HUGS