Friday, March 28, 2008

Where's the Dog Whisperer When You Need Him?

I took my little guy out for a walk this afternoon, and had an encounter with an animal who could use some help from Cesar Millan (aka the Dog Whisperer). Ayden and I were minding our own business when a large, aggressive dog came barreling out to the street and tried to pounce! On! My! Son! I'm not quite sure who the owner of the dog is, but the fact is the dog escaped from its home (or was let out, I don't know) and proceeded to menace us for quite a long while.

My son was petrified. I held on to Ayden for fear that he might try to run and get chased down by Cujo. The poor kid was crying, thinking the dog was going to hurt us. I got into Mama Bear mode and was not about to let the dog near Ayden...I've seen gator wrestling and frankly thought I might have to wrestle this dog. Have I mentioned yet that this dog was GINORMOUS? Okay, maybe he wasn't that big, but he was quite large with a muscular build reminiscent of a boxer or pit bull. Yikes. Regardless of the dog's size, it seemed like I was going to have to kick it's ass. Fortunately we were eventually able to get away from the dog.

The dog was wearing a collar with a tag: needless to say I wasn't about to try to get so close that I could read it. But this would be a great time to let pet owners know that it is vitally important that you keep your beloved pet in a secure location. There are many children in my neighborhood (and many folks who walk for pleasure and/or fitness), and I fear that their safety could be compromised by a dog that behaves aggressively and is on the loose. The dog is in danger as well, make no mistake about it: it could be struck by an oncoming vehicle or stolen. I had dogs both big and small, cats, you name it growing up, so I know a thing or two about having a pet and the tremendous amount of responsibility that goes along with it. Loving your pet means taking care of it properly and being responsible for it.

Sermon over!

*Note: I realize this post has nothing to do with gfcf food, but it has everything to do with staying healthy and safe. I promise there will be cooking later.

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Lynn Barry said...

AMEN SISTER! YOU GO GIRLFRIEND...TELL IT LIKE IT IS...I am afraid of cats bigtime and when I see when I have a panic attack...I hear ya and what you are saying is RIGHT ON! HUGS