Monday, September 10, 2007

I Fried

A while back I saw a fellow gluten-free blogger posted about gluten free onions rings. Sheri had seen a recipe on the Food Network site for onion rings that were batter-dipped using a batter made with rice flour. Sheri simply replaced the conventional beer with Redbridge and voila! Onion rings that even the most finnicky gluten eater could enjoy. Well, Flamenco Dad heard me rave about the notion of making these tasty treats; fast forward to a six pack of Redbridge that somehow ended up at my know where this is going, right?

The original recipe comes from Food Network babe Tyler Florence. So, given that I'm kinda sweet on him, I was on board with trying this recipe here at Casa Flamenco. I don't fry too often, but this was definitely worth the effort--and certainly worth making again. I served it along with some roasted herb chicken (hey I wasn't going to fry the entire meal) and some organic sweet peas. Oh yeah, and I had a bottle of Redbridge with it. Yum!


Lynn Barry said...

Sounds so yummy!I don't drink but I heard the alcohol burns off or something like that. HUGS

Sheri said...

They do rock, don't they? Glad you tried them - The Man prefers those over any others now :-)