Monday, August 27, 2007

School is In Session

Wondering where I've been for the past week? Well, the family has been getting back into the swing of the school year routine. It's back to school for Zoe and Flamenco Dad. This year it's a little different because not only is Ayden starting preschool, but yours truly is back in the classroom as well. I figured I can get back in the game now, and hopefully my fortieth birthday present to myself will be my masters degree.

I'm doing the preschool curriculum with the little guy here at home since the state's voluntary preschool program is next summer, with Ayden starting kindergarten next fall. My son and I have a good routine worked out already. We begin at 8 a.m., do some work, and around 9:30 is when he has some free time to play while his mom checks emails and blogs.

Zoe's school year began with much fanfare, as she is beginning to mainstream this year. We're all very excited for her. She is also looking into being a regular part of her school's morning broadcast, which would be a great opportunity for her to challenge herself in new ways.

Flamenco Dad has been busy writing syllabi for his students. He's teaching a new course this year(in addition to his regular course load), which required extra preparation (like going through the new textbook and preparing a syllabus and lecture material), but he's done and now the fun begins.

As for me, my first week back at school has been positive. Unfortunately for me, the courses I'm taking this semester have nothing at all to do with my major--which means I've got to work harder at making it interesting for me. And did I mention I'm taking math AND science? I'm an artsy gal, so these subjects in particular are quite difficult for me. I am committed to kicking butt on these classes, whether I'm a math and science girl or not. The first time I was a college student I was much younger, and more interested in my social life than my studies. I spent much time goofing off and going to many a campus party. Fast forward seventeen years (oh, good heavens!) and I find now that I'm considerably more focused on what matters. Thank goodness--I'm a bit too old to be hanging out with the sorority sisters.

Edited to add: Since I've gone back to school, my brother has now nicknamed me "Billy Madison"


Annie said...

Good for you going back to school! Your kids look adorable, and very excited about school!

Sheri said...

Way to go, going back to school! And man, are your kids cute!

Lynn Barry said...

Full plate for mama ... if anyone can manage it all it is you! I went back to college at age 34 with three kids in the house. It is stressful, but worth it. YOU GO! HUGS!

Attila The Mom said...

Great for you! And I'm next to you all the way---math and science make me want to impale myself on a pencil. Seriously!